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Unnatural Light - Creative Flash Photography

Next Available: Sun, 22 Apr 2:00PM
4.0 hours


Taking great portraits needs good light, it shapes the face and helps show people at their best. Natural light portraits can be beautiful but what do you do when nature isn’t providing you with the light you want…….you go unnatural.

Adding light from sources other than what nature provides can take an ordinary, maybe even boring, situation and create something stunning or maybe just different from what is in front of you. Unnatural light can create amazing portraits.

In this small group, practical shoot with a model you can explore how to use artificial lights in balance with natural light as well as dominating the natural light for a completely different result.

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What you will learn
  • How to bouce flash for better looking photos
  • How to move your flash off camera for greater flexability
  • How to add some creative effects that only come with using flash
What you will get
  • A new insight into using flash to make thier photographs more interesting

What to bring
  • Camera with standard lens, memory cards and batteries
  • Camera flash (contact me if you don't have one)
  • Tripod (contact me if you don't have one)
What to wear

Wear something with pockets

Appropriate for

Photographers looking to expand their use of flash


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