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The Writer's Notebook

Do you dream of becoming a writer one day? Do you sometimes jot down ideas or start a story, only to lose your piece of paper? Then a ʻWriterʼs Notebookʼ is definitely for you! Itʼs the perfect place to capture (and organise) your ideas, pictures, observations and so much more! Up first, weʼll get creative and personalise our folders before we launch into a series of free writing activities designed to jumpstart your imagination and reveal your natural writing voice. Along the way, weʼll learn what some of your favourite authors have to say about the writing and creativity. Not only will your Writer's Notebook become your most valuable writing resource, but you'll have the opportunity to learn about yourself as a writer: your preferences, your processes and writing style. 

Workshop 1 CREATIVE INSPIRATION: 7/03/18

This is a perfect topic to start your Writerʼs Notebook. Our activities this week will use a range of writing prompts from random words to music to see just what inspires you. You'll leave the workshop with a collection of story seeds and ideas to flesh out at home. There's a little on the job training too. You'll try out different writing spaces at home and get a feel for your preferences. What works for you? 

Workshop 2 PERSONAL EXPLORATION: 14/03/18

This week, youʼll travel amongst your wonderings and plough the fields of your memory, as we focus on personal reflection and narratives. How can you bring your experiences to life on paper? 

Workshop 3: HELLO WRITER: 2103/18

This week the spotlight is on your inner writer! What do you know about yourself as a writer? What are your preferences? What process suits you? Are you a planner or a ponderer? These questions and more will help you understand your relationship to writing. 

Workshop 4 PUBLICATION: 28/03/18

Getting published means "going public" so your words and ideas can be communicated to a wider audience. What options do you have for publishing your writing? We'll explore lots of options and develop some publishing goals. 

Fee Structure:

4 x 90 mins workshops: $108.00

Bound Resource Book (provided): $10.00

Online Booking Fee: $4.00

Total: $122.00

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What you will learn
  • Draw on their own experiences (and wonderings) for writing inspiration.
  • Creative processes and techniques for turning ideas into stories
  • Ways to collect and organise your ideas in a writer's notebook
What you will get
  • 4 x 90 minute writing workshops
  • A bound resource book to collect your writing/ideas and to support your regular writing practice
  • Guided reflective writing tasks/activities to try at home
  • Feedback on finished pieces of writing during the course

What to bring
  • A well stocked pencil case/ grey lead/ eraser
  • A snack to eat before we begin and a drink bottle
  • A4 notebook
What to wear

School Uniform

Appropriate for

Young writers from Years 3 - 6


Write Away With Me

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Write Away With Me is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of writers! We offer storytelling and literacy workshops for Early Childhood and Primary Schools as well as a range of after school (The Writer's Club) and holiday programs (The Writer's Masterclass). Our professional development programs provide a wealth of hands on activities to allow teachers and parents to become aware of their unique power as writers, storytellers and creative thinkers! As the Director, I develop and teach programs, as well as manage our programs and events. Write Away With Me also updates a blog and produces a monthly newsletter.

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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Write Away With Me is unable to give refunds for missed sessions. If for some reason, your child is unable to attend the planned session, please contact the office.

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Terms & Conditions

Parents enrolling their child in this program must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • In an emergency, if medical assistance is needed for my child, I give my permission for ‘Write Away With Me’ staff to take whatever steps are necessary.

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