Deciduous Bonsai Winter Workshop

Deciduous Bonsai Winter Workshop

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn about the secrets of Bonsai and learn how to create and maintain them
  • Learn how growing and maintaining bonsai can be a rewarding and calming hobby.
  • Walk away with a completed Bonsai that (with the right care) will last a lifetime.

What You Get

  • A bonsai tree, pot and other necessities such as soil and aluminium wires for styling.
  • Various tools will be provided for using in the workshop.


Bonsai is a living art form that has been practised in Asia for nearly 1,700 years. It is the art form of creating the illusion of nature or the illusion of a single mature tree in a pot.

Growing and maintaining bonsai is a very rewarding and calming hobby. Most Bonsai trees can outlive any human if properly cared for. A tree for a lifetime- it is an art form that grows with you and transcends generations.

In this 3 hour workshop, you will be working with a Chinese Elm tree. You'll walk away with your personally styled Chinese Elm that (with the right care) will last a lifetime.


My name is Austen Kosasih and I am the owner of the company Bonsai Kyogei. The first form of Bonsai that I saw was a Japanese Maple Bonsai and I was instantly in love with it. The Japanese Maple has always been my favourite tree. In Japan, I would spend hours just sitting under a Maple tree enjoying the autumn scene when the leaves turn red and yellow.

Starting off, I learnt about bonsai through books and videos. Eventually, I started learning from a Bonsai Master who practiced in Aichi-en Bonsai nursery in Nagoya, Japan. In this fast-paced modern age of urbanisation, I am determined that Bonsai can be a path to peace and calmness. Bonsai is an excellent way of having a “piece of nature” at home.

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