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    Janie Ellis

    “I have done some amazing classes and workshops through WeTeachMe. The breadth and depth of classes available means there’s always something that’s interesting. Who says learning can’t be fun?”
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    Sarah Russo

    “I have received multiple WeTeachMe classes as gifts, and each experience was fabulous! Well organised, and taught by passionate and talented teachers, I’ve come back multiple times since and can’t recommend WeTeachMe highly enough for a gift that keeps on giving.”
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    Kevin House

    “My friends were tired of me constantly telling them that I wanted to learn how to cook, so they did what any group of caring, attentive friends would do; remove any possible excuse I had for not learning how to cook by getting me a WeTeachMe Gift Card. It was the little nudge that I needed to finally learn how to cook that 3-course meal my friends deserve!”
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    Kristen Day

    “I went to a terrarium making workshop, and 3 months later I launched my very own terrarium business! Who would have thought that something so simple could have ignited something so profound.”
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    Daniel Matthews

    “Going to WeTeachMe classes is a great excuse to spend more time with your loved ones. It’s become a part of my ritual with my immediate family. Priceless!”

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