Lettering Effects

What to Bring

  • Any old plastic bank or library cards etc, business cards for one of the mark making exercises

What to Wear

  • Wear all black or clothes you don’t mind getting ink splatters on (things will get messy!)

Appropriate For

  • All letter lovers welcome!

Lettering Effects

About This Class

What You Get

  • A piece from each style + all marks you made on paper in the class.


This hands on class focuses on calligraphic writing techniques.  Participants will start by warming up (or receiving a quick refresh if attended Hand Lettering Basics) with a breakdown of brush lettering and the principles, that all forms of brush lettering methods shares. The majority of this class will be practicing each different technique with tips, demonstrations and guidance on how to achieve different effects from Leona.  As the class goes on, letters will get larger, messier and more experimental.  We will try dipping dead brush pens, dry brush techniques on different papers, broad nib markers, cola ruling pens, cut balsa wood & styrofoam, various wide and angled brushes, dragging plastic cards (loyalty, bank e.g.), ink dropping invisible water letters.

There is no prerequisite for this class.  Retuning participants will have a advanced option for the first exercise.

About Leona Fietz

Leona Fietz is a Brisbane based designer and self taught typographer.  After studying graphic design and working in a creative studios full time (including a letterpress internship) she steered away from the traditional 9-5 job path to pursue her love for letters.   Now, three years after graduation and hours (and hours) of practice honing her skills and fine tuning her eye, she has created a body of type centric personal and branding work.  To attract the more illustrative based projects she loves.

Her work can be seen in the form of digital logotypes, calligraphic brushwork, illustrative graphic originals and large scale murals.  She has been published in the 2015 Typism & Typograp.her book.  And featured on The Design Kids, Style Magazines, The Creators Project, Hunting for George, Ritual & Ceremony.


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