DIY Product Photography on a Shoestring

What to Bring

  • Digital Camera, Tripod, 4 x Very large foldback clips or bull clips, Pen & Paper, Items/Products to photograph ( OR – alternatively you may photograph products in store at the Makery)

DIY Product Photography on a Shoestring

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Learn the basic elements that make a great product photo - and how to do it on the cheap!
  • Learn the importance of camera settings and lighting.
  • Learn layout, photoshop and social media skills

What You Get

  • New photography skills and great shots of your product ready to go!


Do you own an online store or want to open an online store? Do you create something fantastic and want to shout it to the world but you don’t have the pennies in your pocket to pay for professional photography? In the age of online shopping the quality of your product photography can make or break the success of your item. I will be discussing the basic elements that make a great product photo and show you how to do it yourself without the huge expense.

About Amy Ta from Seventh Tree Soaps

Amy Ta is a seasoned online seller with a background in old school photography (before digital media – ie film rolls and darkrooms). More recently she has been running a successful online business called Seventh Tree Soaps. One of the many reasons for its success is her strong, simple but catchy product photographs. All her photographs were taken in her beautiful, cosy bathroom with very little else but her camera and tripod.

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