Photography for Social Media

What to Bring

  • Yourself and your mobile device!

What to Wear

  • Comfortable Clothing to get Creative in.

Photography for Social Media

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Class duration: 2hrs

What You Will Learn

  • Photography basics using your mobile device and how to apply those basics!
  • Composition for social media formats.
  • Lighting, using colour and styling your shots.

What You Get

  • Skills in how to get more engagement with your social media photographs.


Get more likes on your posts!

You do not need an expensive camera to get great photos. While having the right tool is important, knowing how to use them is critical. You can create amazing and engaging photos using your phone camera or tablet- it is simply a matter of knowing and applying the basics.

This workshop will teach you the foundations of how to create better photos with your mobile device.

To help you get more likes and loves with every photo you post, this workshop will include:

  • Photography basics
  • How to apply the basics
  • Composition for social media formats
  • Lighting
  • Using colour
  • Styling your shots


Raimond holds degrees from both Sydney University and the University of NSW in visual art. He is a founding member of Facing Australia, a national photographic and media collaboration which has been creating large scale photo-media works for the last ten years. In addition Raimond has his own individual practice creating both photographic and media works which he exhibits widely.

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