Copic Marker Masterclass

What to Bring

  • If you have a sketchbook with ideas or some photo references bring them along!

Copic Marker Masterclass

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the types of markers, colours, how to refill inks, nibs etc.
  • Learn how to blend and highlight

What You Get

  • Copic starter Kit (sketching markers, blenders, mulitliners)
  • Bleedproof paper to work with during class!


Join one of Australia’s finest sketch artists, Sid Tapia, for this 3-hour workshop where you'll explore the fundamentals of using the leading sketch markers in the industry, Copic.   

Copic Markers are considered the best in the biz... initially developed in Japan, they are now the largest and most versatile alcohol marker system in the world.  The unique brush nibs are individually handmade, colour is consistent, and they can be used on a wide variety of surfaces such as paper, wood, fabric, glass and more.  Come see what all the fuss is about!  Explore the markers favoured by artists, designers, and illustrators worldwide.

Regardless of your experience using Copics, or other similar sketching markers, you will learn everything about these amazing tools.

You'll receive a brief intro to the Copic line, what's offered, and how the tools are used.  Learn about the types of markers, colours, how to refill inks, nibs etc.  The possibilities with these markers are ENDLESS.  Sid will break it down in easy steps to understand how to shade, blend, highlight, to create your own masterpieces.

Come bringing existing sketches, or start new.  You'll have plenty of time to experiment with the markers, and get comfortable using them.

Everyone will leave with their own Copic starter kit, featuring sketching markers, blenders, and mulitiliners, to be able to continue their masterpieces at home :)

About Sid...

Sid Tapia started hand writing at the age of 3 and has continued in the arts till today. Introduced to the graffiti culture in 1984 at the age of 10 , he was part of the well known Sydney City crews, ‘Def Crew’ and ‘Mix Artist’.  Apart from being a professional skateboarder between the ages of 21 and 36 he has since continued spray painting up until now. Sid’s murals that can be seen throughout the streets of Sydney including suburbs as Chippendale & Camperdown.

He has also been commissioned to paint pieces for major companies such as Fuji Film, The Salvation Army & MasterChef.

Sid is also founder and creator of the tshirt label ‘Crown St’.

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