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The Demand.

Online companies that produce content and needs on these pages, will require an adops specialist. It’s the adops person who puts the digital advertisement on a page. It’s a very specialized role - one you can’t learn at a university. You need to be on the job to learn it. Your typical employers are TV stations, radio companies, print (newspapers and magazines), and online companies. With media consumption at an all-time high, companies are struggling to find talent. That means, JOB SECURITY!

The Experience.

As mentioned before, ad operations aren't really taught in any institute. So, you have to get a job to learn the trade. This means everyone is a fresh starter! With proper training and practice, you become a champion eventually. So, one doesn’t need experience to begin their journey in digital adops. In my time, I have seen people transition from all sorts of backgrounds - lawyers, retail workers, event managers, sales representatives, etc.

The Growth.

Due to the competitive nature of the marketplace and the demand for experienced candidates, adops specialists eventually grow into a wide variety of roles within the advertising industry.  Some end up in higher-tech roles, others become managers in the adops teams, while others move into Sales roles also. The options are many!

About Me

I am Manoj, and I began my own career in digital ad operations in 2011. Over the next 10 years, I worked in 3 of the biggest media companies in Australia, covering channels in radio, TV, streaming, and online. I have interviewed newbies, trained them, and mentored them, who in turn have grown into wonderful adops specialists. Prior to adops, I worked in business development.

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What you will learn

  • What is digital adops?
  • A day in the life of an adops specialist
  • How to prepare for an adops interview?

What you will get

  • If you like and post-session, I can alert you of adops jobs that maybe available from time to time (Australia only)
  • Once you get the job, I will give you one FREE 1:1 mentoring session with me (Available for all world-wide students)

What to bring

  • Notebook and pen to take notes, good internet connection

What to wear

Casual is fine

Appropriate for

18 years old and over, preferably with atleast 1 year of full-time work experience, those interested to grow in digital advertising and technology

Your current situation

Please let me know to which category you belong:

1) Looking at a career change

2) Preparing for an adops job interview

3) Just curious 

Ad Ops

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I am offering a LIVE 1:1 or group session to give you a background on digital ad operations, and why it may be a good career choice for you. The session can also help you be better prepared for an upcoming job interview.

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If you can't attend the class:

You may cancel anytime before class starts and claim a full refund or transfer.

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