Make Wood Fired Pizza from Scratch! at Brasserie Bread

Because wood fired pizza is the original fast food

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019
Make Wood Fired Pizza from Scratch! at Brasserie Bread
Cue the Dean Martin music… it’s time for some SERIOUS pizza making and eating!

Welcome to our brand-new, exciting Breaducation class: where we will uncover the mysteries behind the art of making incredible pizza! With help from the industry professionals, the grandmothers of the bustling streets in Napoli and Rome, we have cultivated the recipes that achieve the most outstanding slice you can fit your mouth around. And with the knowledge from our artisan bakers at Brasserie Bread, learn about how we can better ferment our doughs to achieve an even more tasty, and digestible crust.

With so few ingredients, pizza is one of the most basic food to prepare, though there are many reasons why your pizzas may not be turning out as well as you might have planned. Allow our Breaducation trainer to help debunk the secrets behind a great pizza dough: you will learn how to mix it by hand, and even go home with the recipe!

We will be making two very different types of pizza; the Neapolitan classic, the Margherita, and the modern-day slice you would see on the busy streets of Rome called Pizza al Taglio, translating to “pizza by the cut, or slice”. Have a go at baking your Margherita in our commercial size wood fire or “Forno”, and learn how to apply these traditional baking methods at home in any domestic oven. We will discuss the know-how of buying the very best ingredients and where to find them.

This class will take place at the Brasserie Bread Sydney location, where anyone with a passion for pizza is welcome!

Learn the art of making the perfect slice!
Art of Pizza - Woodfired Classic & Modern Slice
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Art of Pizza - Woodfired Classic & Modern Slice

Perfect your Woodfired Pizza and Pizza Al Taglio!