Travel Japan and the World - Writing for a Living

Here is the answer to the million dollar question.

Creativity 6 min read Aug 11, 2020
Travel Japan and the World - Writing for a Living
My philosophy is: Do what you enjoy in work and life - then money will follow.

I should know, as I have been travelling for the past 30 years in Japan (36 times), Korea, other parts of Asia, Europe, Canada, USA - writing as I go, with the occasional university guest lecture. As a professional journalist for Australian and global media and public relations consultant for business, government and not-for profit organisations, I have also been writing for a living and teaching writing / journalism, travel and business courses for 30 years.

Life and work is great, and I choose to be self-employed by doing freelance work, which means, freedom to travel and do the jobs I enjoy. As I travel, I attend medical and business conferences, exhibitions and on-site at companies, writing articles about these events for global media. I also write the occasional travel article. That is why I am teaching some exciting courses with WeTeachMe, as the staff are very good to work with, respond quickly and help promote my courses.

I do hope that you can join me at my two courses held at Caulfield Recreation Centre, in Melbourne’s East in September.

How to Travel Japan on a Budget and Handy Tips on Travelling Japan

September 9th

I have travelled in Japan for up to six weeks at a time over 36 trips in 30 years, and I am heading off again later this year. You may be interested to know that I have been sharing my Japan budget travel tips with hundreds of travellers who have attended my courses across Australia. These tips have helped these Japan travellers prepare for their Japan trips, work out itineraries, travel Japan with ease and save lots of money.

Now it is time for me to share these Japan budget travel tips and other important guidance on Japan with you, when you attend my class. Extensive notes on Japan budget travel will be available for you in the class.

How to Write for a Living and Get Paid

September 16th and 23rd

Have you ever wondered how you can make a living writing and travelling? I want to share with you the many ways of writing for a living and getting paid well, in the bargain.

Do you want to write an article, a blog, web content and public relations material for your business, e books, speeches or maybe even a You Tube video script? What are some great sites to get writing jobs and what are some of the skills that you need to write for a living? I will cover all this for you.

How do you get paid for writing and can you make a living from it? I do and you can too. Writing about topics that interest you and those that interest others, can make you money. If you can write well, you can write about any topic, you just need to interview the most relevant expert.

I look forward to seeing you in my Writing for a Living class. You will receive extensive notes, writing exercises to enhance your writing skills and you will be working in groups and individually. You will also learn about the business side of writing for a living and the best part – getting paid!