6 Reasons My Painting Workshops Can’t Live Without WeTeachMe

Artists aren't just creatives anymore. They're also business people. See how WeTeachMe's software becomes a saviour for anyone holding art workshops.

Resources 10 min read Aug 11, 2020
6 Reasons My Painting Workshops Can’t Live Without WeTeachMe

Meet Malini Parker

Malini Parker is a scientist-turned-artist who has been on an incredible journey. Since 2005, Malini has won some awards for her art, showcased in 8 major exhibitions and in countless group shows, and more recently in New York City. (Learn more about Malini and her life story)

For Malini, painting and exhibiting her work are just part of the story. The other half of her art practice involves sharing her process with others through offering painting workshops. In her words:

Teaching and creating have become two sides of the same coin. I now cannot imagine one without the other. It is an incredible honour to be part of another’s creative journey, and that delight I witness in my students as they rediscover their creativity makes my heart sing. – Malini Parker

5 Challenges in Running Painting Workshops

Malini’s painting workshops began in her backyard with 5 young folk and has since grown into a consuming passion and helps transform the lives of not only herself but the people who take the class. Like many others who began workshops that grew organically, Malini faced some all-too-familiar challenges that we knew we could help with. Some of these challenges include:

  1. Managing the booking and payment process was handled manually and required numerous back-and-forths. In addition, the payment reconciliation process and determining who paid what and when required a lot of guesswork and referencing.

  2. Keeping track of payments, receipts and enrolment statuses was tedious and as it was handled by the in-house team, human error resulted in some people “slipping through the cracks”.

  3. Communication for each workshop executed via email manually resulting in the manual composing and sending of hundreds of emails.

  4. Ability to increase the number of workshops was difficult as the workload increased with the addition of new workshops.

  5. Despite starting the painting workshops as a way to share her love of the creative arts, Malini was increasingly spending more time in the admin work rather than spending the majority of her time on what she was most passionate about.

Why WeTeachMe is Perfect for Painting Workshops

The team knew that we could drastically improve three (3) things for Malini:

  1. WeTeachMe automates the boring admin processes (booking, confirmation emails, order tracking) so that Malini can spend more time doing what she loves: teaching and interacting with her students.

  2. As artists ourselves, we know the importance of having the time to practice our own craft. We know that we can free up a significant portion of Malini’s time so that she can not only spend more time with her family but also have time for herself.

  3. Malini wants to travel Australia teaching her workshops to students outside her home city but running her workshops as a 1-woman-show is a monumental task. WeTeachMe breaks this mountain into manageable steps. Now, Malini recently announced her Australian painting workshop tour!

At WeTeachMe, the entire team love helping people achieve their dreams, live their passions and ignite the fire of creativity, curiosity and leaning, and it’s stories like these that make us feel incredibly lucky to be doing what we do. But rather than tooting our own horn, here’s what Malini has to say herself:

1. WeTeachMe places a high value on excellent service

My initial impressions of WeTeachMe were that of a friendly and proactive organisation where each team member I interacted with placed a high value on excellent service. This impression has persisted. The service I have received has been excellent.

2. The new system is easy to implement

The new system was relatively easy to implement, even for someone for whom any kind of new tech stuff is challenging! And when I ran into problems (and I had many!) these were usually addressed quickly and prompt action taken where appropriate. In learning the new system, I may have felt foolish, but I was never made to feel like one.

3. The enrolment process is very smooth and easy for customers

My new students have found the online enrolment process to be very smooth and easy. In the words of one, “The online booking system was fabulous very clear, easy-to-use, and self-explanatory.”

4. I can now process credit cards, and I look forward to freeing up more of my time

One the biggest advantages is having credit card facilities now, and with the automation of the bookings process, I look forward to my time being freed up a lot more.

5. Others will find this valuable

I will be recommending it to others once things settle down.

6. The WeTeachMe Team rocks!

The WeTeachMe Team are a great team. When I chat with Kym, I get the impression that I am dealing with a highly intelligent, motivated person who takes great pride in the company, someone who does his best to build bonds of trust and serve customers to the best of his ability. Demi is charming and professional, and Martin is patient, long-suffering and has never complained about my many emails or phone calls!

Final words

Onwards and upwards. Here’s to a collaboration that leads to even greater success and service for both of us!

Grow revenue. Save time. Reduce costs.

We’re passionate about talking to business owners and understanding exactly how we can help business owners grow their business. In fact, we talk to business owners every day and the fact that we’re also building the world’s most advanced course and event management system is a happy consequence of what we do.

It just so happens that what we’ve created helps business owners significantly grow revenue, save time and reduce costs. In fact, the team over at Cupcake Central have since opened up their third store in Melbourne and have launched their first book since they first reported the benefits of using WeTeachMe.

More importantly, we’re transforming the way businesses conduct themselves. From upgrading their systems to introducing value-add areas that may have been missed, it’s incredibly exciting for us to see the “aha!” moment that is quickly becoming the norm for us!

If you like what you hear, get in contact with the team by emailing support@weteachme.com and ask us how we can help. We can’t wait to hear from you and see how we can transform your business.