Creative Ideas for a Girls' Day Out in Sydney

Time for the girls to get together again!

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019
Creative Ideas for a Girls' Day Out in Sydney

Girlfriends create a bond like no other, and when celebrating their friendships, the typical lunch dates just don’t cut it anymore. Break out of that rut and put something together that’ll guarantee fun and lasting memories for you and your friends. How about joining a fun painting class or partaking in an exotic cheese tasting course? Whatever tickles your fancy, here are some great ideas to give you a little inspiration for your girl bonding in Sydney.

Resin Art Workshop at Lakehouse Studio

Resin is increasingly becoming an exciting medium, which is why Lakehouse Studio’s introductory classes are always a sell out. Find out what all the excitement is about by joining their 3-hour workshop where you can create your own resin masterpiece, even if you guys are just beginners. Your project at the end of the day is guaranteed to be a stunner art piece for any wall.

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Where: Cre8tiv Gallery Studios
When: October 21st
Cost: $230 (with 50cm panel), $225 (Bring-a-Friend 50cm panel), $210 (40cm panel), $290 (60cm panel)

Make a Mini Terrarium Workshop with Classbunny

Why are terrariums so popular these days? Because they’re fun and easy to make, and are wonderful gift ideas or additions to your home. Learn to construct cute and beautiful mini gardens, as well as a macrame holder to hang up your terrarium. The skills you gain in class can even be used in the future to make terrariums of larger scales.

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Where: The Ron Williams Centre
When: October 30th
Cost: $65 (Regular), $60 (Bring-a-Friend)

Australian & International Artisan Cheese & Wine Experience with McIntosh & Bowman

The best get together ideas are those that involve celebrating the simple pleasures of life, like wine and cheese, for example. Sample some of the best cheeses Australia has to offer in this unique appreciation class hosted by McIntosh & Bowman. Learn from cheesemonger Claudia Bowman about the different types of cheeses, the perfect wine and cheese combinations and becoming something of a cheese expert yourself!

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Where: McIntosh & Bowman
When: November 4th
Cost: $99 (Regular), $85 (Bring-a-Friend)

Watercolour Crash Course by The Rizzeria

Think you and your girlfriends need to something new to get together about? Here’s a hobby you can pick up quick. Learn to mix, blend, stroke and paint an artwork all in one day by taking a crash course on watercolour painting. Watercolours are great cause they’re portable that you and your gal pals can easily pop in a painting sesh right after your coffee date!

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Where: The Rizzeria
When: October 8th
Cost: $45 (Regular), $40 (Bring-a-Friend)

From Sea to Still at Sydney Cocktail Club

If you’ve been planning a night of drinks, here’s something to consider. Sydney Cocktail Club and Dramnation have teamed up to bring you an experience that will heighten your appreciation for some of the finest spirits there is. The special tour starts by foraging botanicals by the beachside, then proceeding to Manly Spirits Co. Distillery to turn the foraged botanicals into spirits, and finally visiting a brewery to explore the nuances of alcohol making through tasting. It’s a guaranteed one-of-a-kind experience!

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Where: Complete location to be disclosed to attendees
When: October 28th
Cost: $129 (Regular), $110 (Bring-a-Friend)