Behind the Scenes at Quadrant Gallery

What goes on beyond the walls of this contemporary art space?

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019
Behind the Scenes at Quadrant Gallery

We are happy to introduce one of the newest members of the WeTeachMe community, Quadrant Gallery. Contemporary paintings and figures are what form the gallery’s subject matter. The gallery offers a space for exhibitions, but in this feature, we focus on the classes and workshops they offer. We caught up with them for a quick chat to learn more about their story.

Quadrant Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Hawthorn. The gallery has a lovely ambience and has very good exposure to Barkers Road, Hawthorn Vic. with close proximity to nearby restaurants and cafes. We are located near the corner of Church Street and opposite the Kew Tram Depot.

Our aim is to show an exciting, interesting mix of art, in all mediums, and to promote and nurture the artists represented by the gallery. Quadrant Gallery was opened in 2013 and is adjoined to Quadrant Design, the architecture firm also owned by us. As we have experience in architecture, interior design and art, it was a natural progression for us to open the gallery in addition to our architectural practice.

We at Quadrant Gallery are passionate about art and all that art offers! We are excited about art in all its forms and the ultimate variety in what can be created when a piece is put together. Quadrant Gallery was opened to follow our passion for art, along with our architecture practice- both areas in which we are passionate!

Why did you decide to teach the workshops?

It was through the natural progression of our gallery that we then decided to begin hosting art workshops for the public. These workshops are held by a wide variety of talented exhibiting artists we have at the gallery, and all have prior and current teaching experience. We felt that with the range of accomplished artists we have worked with, providing them with a platform in which to teach their skills would be valuable to everyone involved.

Can you tell us more about them (the workshops)?

The workshops we have on offer through the gallery are in a variety of mediums, these include sculpture, drawing, acrylic painting, watercolour, papercutting and more! They are all taught by artists who exhibit work in the gallery and all have teaching experience.

The workshops have provided an opportunity for those who come and see the work to learn how to produce it first hand, from the artists themselves. This has proved to be a really strong point of difference we have created from other art workshops on offer. Those that are signing up for the classes are often fans of the artist work and are keen to learn their tips and tricks first hand.

The most popular class we have had with these workshops was the sculpture workshop series with Ross Miller. This was a 5 part series whereby the participants sculpted from a live model and cast in ciment fondu. These classes were a success thanks to the efforts of our talented sculptor Ross Miller who worked tirelessly and generously, often donating his time to further assist students with their pieces.

On completion of this workshop series the students unveiled their sculptures to reveal the figure they had produced. These works will then be on display in the gallery in December, for a one night exhibition to showcase their efforts, this event will be free to the public so everyone is welcome to come along, check our website for the date closer to the time.

What are the most interesting discoveries students make in the classes?

As the sculpture workshop is the first of its kind through Quadrant Gallery, we can observe the discoveries students have made in that class to be similar to the discoveries we expect people to encounter in our other workshops. These were that participants often underestimate the skill and technique that goes into creating certain forms of art and the time it takes to master those skills. It has been a really interesting learning curve to see the participants of the sculpture workshop observe and practice certain techniques, demonstrated by Ross, and then applying it to their own work.

We have found that the students who have taken these workshops so far, have greatly valued the time and effort that is put into each person and their work, by the teacher. We understand that it may be the first time a student has attempted a certain art from so we invest time into them in these workshops to ensure they walk away having learnt something from every class.

How can students build upon new skills they learned in class?

The classes we hold will suit any skill level, so basic skills can be learnt in these classes, as well as building on prior knowledge to those with experience. Students can build on the skills they learn in each class as most of our workshops are in a series, meaning there are between 4 and 6 classes in each workshop for people to attend, each one building on knowledge from the prior one. As these skills are taught thoroughly to participants, it enables them to interchange those skills in other mediums and apply them to their own work.

Can you share with us a piece of creative wisdom that you live by?

‘You need to know the rules before you break them’. This is a key piece of wisdom that Pam Jackson, Quadrant Gallery’s Director, lives by with her art and the way in which she runs the gallery. A piece of creative wisdom that is often true for many artists.

You can expect to see a new array of workshops next year in a range of mediums, these future classes will help enhance the overall art experience that you come to find at Quadrant. We are a gallery that has artists exhibit work on a monthly rotation and in all mediums, so we enjoy the experience that art offers.

We will be holding a December group exhibition at the gallery that will be showcasing talented artists and their variations on abstraction. This exhibition, of abstract work titled ‘Imaging the Mind’ will be a great way to end another successful year here at Quadrant Gallery and we encourage everyone to come down and enjoy it with us.