Why Kids Should Learn About Baking

There's more in store than just the goodies

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019
Why Kids Should Learn About Baking

A baking class is more than just a messy, fun activity for kids. Other than the fact that they get to play with dough, are treated with goodies at the end of class, and create fond memories - did you know that there are a few more valuable lessons to be had from a baking experience?

Let’s look into how else a child can benefit from a baking class:

Learning Math while Baking:

Baking requires precision and letting your kids learn to bake will also help them learn about measuring and numbers and how they can be applied in real life. Whilst they play around in the measurement of ingredients, they are also learning to count in grams, milligrams, ounces, litres, millilitres, and more!

Experience Chemistry in Baking

Baking is an experience where they can get a real exposure to the concept of chemistry. To mix different ingredients like flour, eggs, baking powder, butter, etc together to turn into dough, and then to watch that dough rise inside a hot oven - this shows kids the magic of chemistry in action in the real world.

Boost Listening Skills

Listening to and following instructions is an important skill to learn early on, and in baking, your child can be exposed to exercising these skills a lot. There is always a recipe and instructions involved, and whether they read the recipe or follow the teacher’s verbal instructions, it can immensely help in boosting their listening and sequencing skills.

We think we could write a dozen more benefits, but what’s here so far is enough to say that even when a baking class with kids can get a little messy, the fun they have and the valuable skills they learn definitely makes up for it!

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