Enjoy Autumn to the Fullest in Sydney

Learn something new as the leaves turn red and gold.

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019
Enjoy Autumn to the Fullest in Sydney

Maybe it’s just us but we think autumn is hands-down the greatest season ever. The trees look pretty, there are piles of leaves to jump into, and a special kind of atmosphere inspires us to embrace change and make a fresh start. And with this, you may wonder, what exciting new adventures will this new season bring? Here we have some ideas to get you started. Enjoy autumn to the fullest, Sydney!

Life Drawing

This beginner-friendly class is a good place to pack in a lot of practice to drawing the human form. Teaching is hands-on and will include lessons in composition and capturing of light through sketch.

When: May 8th
Cost: $250 (Regular), $200 (Bring-a-Friend)
Bookings & More Info: Mosman Community College

Watercolour Basics: Flowers

It’s often claimed that watercolour is difficult, which is why this tutorial is perfect for beginners. It includes fun hacks you can learn to get great results fast, and you will get started with painting shapes, leaves, as well as convincing yet whimsical peony blooms. Pretty!

When: March 11th
Cost: $45 (Regular), $40 (Bring-a-Friend)
Bookings & More Info: Classbunny

Selling on Etsy for Beginners

Considering starting an Etsy shop to sell your nifty products around the world? Or maybe you’ve already set one up but things have been a little quiet of late? If you’re looking for sound and structured guidance, it’s all here. Not only will the workshop cover the essentials of running an Etsy storefront; each participant’s shop will be carefully reviewed by Tutor Jo Ellis, and you’ll go home with tons of personalised tips to improve your sales.

When: May 8th
Cost: $39 (Regular), $29 (Bring-a-Friend)
Bookings & More Info: The Rizzeria

Make Your Own Marbled Paper + Create a Notebook With It

Marbling is a printmaking technique that captures the complex patterns of marble onto paper - great for a myriad of projects! Want to learn the secret technique to getting this dreamy look? In this class, you certainly will and then you’ll get to bind your finished marbled paper into a notebook almost too gorgeous to write on.

When: May 5th
Cost: $70 (Regular), $59 (Bring-a-Friend)
Bookings & More Info: The Rizzeria

Introduction to Zentangle

Zentangle is a type of black and white abstract drawing that involves repetitive strokes. At first glance, it may look tedious but it can actually be very therapeutic. Here you will learn the Zentangle Method the fun way, as well as some of the vocabulary and tools used in creating an original tile. 

When: March 6th
Cost: $65
Bookings & More Info: Mosman Community College