5 Reasons to Love Autumn in Brisbane

Get ready to jump into a big pile of leaves.

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019
5 Reasons to Love Autumn in Brisbane

Is there anything better than autumn days? The brilliant colours, the crisp air, sipping wine by the fireplace. Comfy sweaters, jeans, and boots. Long walks in the woods, listening to the crunch of pretty falling leaves. One simply can’t help being inspired to turn over a new leaf, excuse the pun. Find out here what fall has in store for you. Enjoy autumn to the fullest, Brisbane!

Sourdough Beginners Workshop

Beginners may find themselves in a sticky and tricky situation when trying to bake bread for the first time. The conundrum ought to be resolved in this easy introduction to loaf making. The class will demonstrate the sourdough making process, with a careful explanation of the whats and the whys. Participants will come home with a jar of a six-year-old sourdough starter, and the knowledge to kickstart their bread making journey.

When: March 10th
Cost: $120
Bookings & More Info: 53 Maple %

Brie & Sourdough Seminar

Break free from some of the struggles of “adulting” when you finally learn how to make your own brie and bread. This class is not to be missed, if you like throwing spontaneous dinner parties on weekends. You get to eat what you make too and take away recipes you can recreate from home.

When: May 12th
Cost: $25 (Regular), $17.50 (minimum 2), $12.25 (minimum 4)
Bookings & More Info: Permaculture Produce

Preserves and Jams with Barbara Stephenson

Join this session to learn how to preserve your figs in three different ways: as a jam, a sweet conserve to top your ice cream or yoghurt, and whole figs preserved in herb vinegar. You will come away with at least five bottles of the fig-based goodies, plus the recipes you can use to make more at home. 

When: March 17th
Cost: $130
Bookings & More Info: The Sauce Kitchen

Macarons & Madeleines with Jess Lucas

Fancy a French cookie face-off? In this three-hour class, you’ll master pastry techniques that are so accessible they will transform your baking in a day! Make your own delicious, delicate classic patisserie specialties with The Sauce Kitchen’s award-winning chef, Jess Lucas.

When: May 26th
Cost: $145
Bookings & More Info: The Sauce Kitchen %

Bread Cooking Demo

Artisan breadmaking is a rising trend in Australia, as more and more people want to bake their own bread from scratch. This class makes it possible for the home baker to make quality bread products - all in their own kitchen! Several traditional breadmaking techniques will be taught, so you can whip up on a whim the perfect white bread dough, focaccia, pizza dough and more.

When: May 20th
Cost: $45
Bookings & More Info: Spicers Tamarind Retreat %