Abstract Painting: Everything You Need to Know

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Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019

Abstract art tends to have a bad rap; some may think it’s something that even a child can do. To the untrained eye, it may just seem like splashes and swashes of paint. The truth is that it takes an understanding of the important principles of art - such as composition, colour, lines, shape, and texture - to be able to appreciate and create a good abstract piece.

Interesting fact: The abstract art movement started sometime after World War II, as a way to depict emotions through the use of lines, colours, and shapes. There isn’t a distinct subject or scenario in abstract work; and the pure randomness in its creation is what has won the hearts of the fans of this approach. Through abstract art, one is able to paint a picture of our emotions and life experiences that’s not so easily defined by mere words.

It pays to learn how to understand and create this type of art. If you are keen to try an absolutely abstract experience, Levee Art Studios will hold a full-day workshop in Marrickville, NSW. Participants will work with acrylics and gouache paints and learn all about the spontaneous, exhilarating, and intuitive approach to abstract painting.

Abstract Art Workshop by Levee Art Studios runs on Sunday, May 20, from 10am to 4pm. Find ticket prices and more details about the class in the link below.

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Abstract Art Workshop

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