Intro to Metal Embossing with Pewter

Add a rustic touch to your artworks through metal embossing

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019
Intro to Metal Embossing with Pewter

Today’s feature is all about pewter - a soft metal alloy that can be used to produce a variety of handmade pieces, such as pendants, embellishments, frames, to name a few. With their faint sheen, these pieces are stunning on their own; but they can also be incorporated in many types of mixed media art (like collages) or to embellish items like windows, doors, and other types of furniture.

Creating art out of pewter is a practice that has existed for centuries, wherein artists would use a special tool to create an embossed or raised effect on the opposite side of a metal sheet. The craft form was recently made fashionable again because who doesn’t love a rustic key to their designs?

Embossing metal is easier than it seems and only requires a few, relatively inexpensive tools. If you’ve been looking to start a new hobby or add metal into your own mixed-media creations, using pewter can guarantee you some great-looking results and promises limitless possibilities. Check out Mosman Community College’s 4-hour beginner’s workshop on metal embossing with pewter, where participants can learn about this ancient craft and walk away with their own handmade metal pieces. Perfect as home decor items or as personalised gifts!

Find ticket prices and more details about the class by clicking on the link below.