Read This, If You're Trying to Quit Drinking

Here's your key to cutting down

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019
Read This, If You're Trying to Quit Drinking

Many of us drink alcohol and for different reasons. For some, drinking can be a means of celebrating whilst for others, a way to decompress and deal with stress. Alcohol can help you do both, but if your booze habit is taking you to levels where it begins to impact your everyday life, we’re glad you’re here reading this right now.

Taking back control of your life and trying to stay sober can be really tough. You know this because you’ve tried. You’d think that quitting on alcohol ought to involve only one simple step (read: stop); but the key to a successful commitment is not to stop drinking but to drink less. This is according to world-renowned hypnotherapist Georgia Foster who in the last 15 years has been helping people to manage their drinking and live more .

No matter where you are in the alcohol consumption spectrum, there are easy-to-adopt steps to stay faithful to your vow to stay dry. Georgia helps you discover how to start and maintain healthy habits in her full-day seminar called “The Drink Less Mind”. Using the power of the mind, Georgia promises to reduce your regular drinking by half by the end of the day. That might seem like a lofty promise but there are many who can attest to this.

Find out more about the class and ticket prices in the link below.