Making Biscuits from Scratch

Learn to make your favourite cookie - however you like 'em.

Creativity 3 min read Mar 14, 2021

National Biscuit Day, which happens on 29th May, is the one day in every year when biscuits get the love they deserve. It’s the day when it’s totally okay to go crackers about our favourite cookie, and be public about it, too.

And because everybody loves a good old homemade biscuit, it’s best to be prepared for the next time this very important day comes around, by indulging in six hours of the ultimate biscuit experience, which will be served up at Sissy’s Gourmet Delights in Canterbury Road, Blackbury VIC, on 5th June, and then again on 19th June.

Attendees of ‘The Ultimate Biscuit Class’ will be given the opportunity to learn all the processes and methods of creating an array of different fresh-baked biscuity goodness - from shortbreads, to fancy petit fours, wedged with ganache and dipped in chocolate.

As biscuit appreciators ourselves, we think the highlight of the class is when you get to take home a kilo of all the biscuits you made in class. Are we right?

The Ultimate Biscuit Class runs on June 5th and 19th, from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Book now or find out more about the class in the link below.

Learn to make your favourite cookie!
The Ultimate Biscuit Class
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The Ultimate Biscuit Class


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