The Art of Arranging

Think you have a knack for arranging blooms?

Creativity 2 min read Sep 25, 2019
The Art of Arranging

Throw a bunch of flowers together and you might get lucky at having a decent looking floral arrangement. But more often than not, it ends up looking the opposite.

That’s because there’s an art to arranging glowers, and the ladies at Francesca’s Flowers will share about this art in a four-week course beginning May 24th.

This course will be all about the basics, from how to correctly care for florals, how to properly use tools, and then moving on to basic floral design. The class size will be kept at a minimum to ensure hands-on instruction is provided for each participant.

Floral Basics (4-Week Course) will run beginning May 24th from 10.00 am to 1.00pm. Find out about ticket prices and more about the class via the link below.

Learn the art of arranging flowers
Floral Basics 3 Weeks - Flower Fun
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Floral Basics 3 Weeks - Flower Fun

Learn the key basic florist techniques