Why Learning Italian Matters

A new language opens doors and is just downright fun

Creativity 5 min read Sep 25, 2019
Why Learning Italian Matters

The results are in! Traveller asked its readers to nominate their choice for “destination of the decade” and one obvious choice came out on top. You guessed right: Italy!

Ah Italia. Bel Paese, The Boot, home to Michelangelo and the Renaissance, Fellini and Pavarotti. Desserts to die for, dons and godfathers, the sleekest cars known to man, and don’t forget, football. If you were born to travel or have ever been possessed by the occasional wanderlust, we’re sure you’ve thought about going to Italy. Maybe even moving there.

Why you ought to learn Italian

Should the travel bug bite you hard, the first order of the day is to learn la bella lingua. Like any other romance language - some may even call it the most romantic of them all - Italian is relatively easy for English speakers to learn, since they both come from Latin. Plus, it’s the ideal gateway to other lingua franca like Spanish or French. And if you’re an aspiring artist, designer, chef or even an archaeologist, you’ll find that knowing Italian will always come in handy in your line of work.

If you’re anywhere near Mount Lawley, Karawara, or Subiaco, you’re in for a real treat. New to Italian? Just bring your love for learning new languages and a little patience, to come away a certified bilingual!