Flavours of Noosa: From Market to Plate

Discover the secrets of the Noosa cuisine in this extraordinary experience

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019
Flavours of Noosa: From Market to Plate

Without a doubt, Australia is the land of the plenty, which means Australians have access to the freshest vegetables, the juiciest fruits, and an ever-rising number of artisanal produce. life’s a feast chefs take advantage of this bounty by creating experiences that allow us to have a taste of the freshness of the fields, by bringing the organic foods directly to the table.

On July 22nd, you’re invited to take part in a life’s a feast event that gathers food enthusiasts to appreciate the best food that the local Noosa Farmer’s Market has to offer. This special experience commences with a guided tour of the famous market, followed by a cooking class where participants will learn to cook beautiful meals from the fresh produced gathered earlier. To cap off the experience, of course, is an exclusive dinner with wine in a relaxed environment.

Learn more about this event and ticket prices via the link below.