It's Alive! Cakes by Carla Puig

Would you eat this super realistic cake?

Creativity 4 min read Mar 30, 2022
It's Alive! Cakes by Carla Puig

There’s plenty of techniques and skills to be explored when it comes to professional baking and decorating. One of them is learning how to sculpt realistic cakes, and it’s something you’ll want to master if you ever dream to be a true cake artisan.

Take this cake, for example. It’s hard to believe that this impressive female figure is actually made out of modelling chocolate! We’re blown away by the realism of this amazing cake construction by award-winning food artist and cake sculptor Carla Puig. A little bit of info on Carla: She hails from Spain, and started out using her artistic skills by drawing and painting. She later discovered a passion for sculpting, and that passion evolved into using edible ingredients.

Carla has held classes all across Australia, teaching students how to create life-like female faces using modelling chocolate – from mapping the face and proportions to foundational techniques in sculpting the female features and more.

When you conquer this skill and add it to your portfolio of work, we guarantee you’ll top everyone’s list when it comes to ordering bespoke cakes.

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