Pattern Design: It's Everywhere

Just what is surface pattern design?

Creativity 2 min read Sep 25, 2019
Pattern Design: It's Everywhere

Surface pattern design might seem like a foreign language to you, but it’s something you’ll find all around you. Patterns and colours printed on fabric, embellished on almost anything like clothes, beddings, furniture, curtains, stationery and more. Pretty much patterns on everything you have on you and that you use was designed by somebody.

Surface pattern design is also something we’re seeing a lot more of recently with the rise in the number of creatives putting their own spin into things. You see when you use unique experiences, translate that into a design, and into repeatable patterns, beautiful things can happen.

Emily Wills, the designer behind SURFACE 1°22, creates beautiful prints and shares her knowledge of surface pattern design and print in a 3-hour workshop. Join her and learn how to combine analogue art-making techniques with beginner level digital methods to produce original, and gorgeous surface design artwork ready for printing on virtually any surface you can think of.