Try Pinhole Photography at Home

You don’t need power or Wi-Fi to take these stunning images

Creativity 4 min read Mar 14, 2021
Try Pinhole Photography at Home

Everyone loves a new DIY project, and everyone loves snapping photos of their favourite memories. With NOIR Darkroom’s new class, Intro to Pinhole Photography, you can do both of these things at an affordable rate. Whether you want to fill the frames in your living room or become the next Instagram star, with this class you’ll learn how to take a special kind of photo.

To begin your photography class, you’ll use recycled objects and turn them into a functioning camera! You can bring your own hollow objects from home, or you can use the materials provided. Either way, your new DIY pinhole camera will look incredible and will function well!

With hip black-and-white photography, this class will teach you how to go from newbie status to a professional as you explore the fundamentals of photography through light capture with your new camera. You’ll play around with exposure techniques and capture some remarkable photographs. This class will teach you how to use your new camera to the best of its ability, and you’ll even learn how to process your photos at home.

Although you don’t have to bring anything and there’s no experience required, remember that you may be using darkroom dips, so dress accordingly. This three-hour class is available once each month during July, August, and September, and if you bring a friend, you can even get a discounted ticket!