DIY Flowers for the Big Day

You can totally have a do-it-yourself royal wedding!

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019

According to Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the average Australian couple spends about $36,200 on a wedding. I don’t know about you, but that seems like A LOT of money. Thanks to Francesca’s Flowers, there’s one way in which you can save on your big day… and no one will ever even know!

On two Saturdays this season, you can spend less than $100 and learn how to turn a bunch of pretty flowers into a stunning bouquet arrangement. Not only is this a cheaper option to having someone else make all of your bouquets, but this can also be a fun experience (you can even plan a girls-get-together or a hen party)!

In three hours, you’ll learn the secrets of floral design, flower composition, flower choice, bouquet finishes, and tips for buying. You’ll also create a beautiful, hand-tied bridal bouquet to take home with you. While learning and designing, you’ll even get to drink tea and eat cake in this relaxing, inspirational, and budget-saving workshop.

If the bride-to-be is still not convinced (but she probably is), check out what Fleur said about her experience in class:

“We had a wonderful afternoon learning how to make not just any bouquet, but one that was in our preferred style! Lots of tips and tricks were also shared about bouquet logistics, suppliers, equipment - feeling very prepared - all thanks to Francesca!”

Over 1,500 people have viewed this class, so book it before it’s gone.

Turn a bunch of flowers into a stunning arrangement!
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