Around the World with 5 Recipes

Try the world without ever leaving your kitchen!

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019

People make food, but it’s the food that makes a culture. You get a real sense of a place when you get to eat their traditional feed. So really, you don’t need a plane ticket to try the world. You can experience the diverse traditions of different places right where you live — right in your own kitchen!

Keen to explore the world’s many exciting cultures through its food? Wordly food expert, Melanie Townsend shares her passion for culinary adventures by holding a class focusing on experimenting with different ethnic foods. Her next cooking class in Brisbane called, “Around the World,” will teach students to cook five (5) recipes from different regions around the globe. That’s 3 hours of non-stop cooking, sampling, and devouring! What’s on the menu? Click through the link below to find out.