Talking Italian

Heading to Italy soon? Make the most of your vacay with language lessons.

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019
Talking Italian

Voted the healthiest country in the world and the second best country to travel to, your vacation to Italy won’t be everything it can be if you can’t communicate with anyone there.

Perhaps you think watching La Vita Bella or some other favourite Italian movie will earn you a few pointers, but a better way to learn Italian quick (and in time for your trip) is through intensive short courses. Learn Italian - Language Center in Mosman is hosting Italian lessons which will teach you basic grammar and vocabulary. They’ll also show you how to introduce yourself, book hotels, make reservations, talk about your identity, and other things that are very important as you embark on your journey.

They have a 3-session course for students who have none or little experience in Italian but remember to bring a notepad, pen and pocket size dictionary. Learn Italian - Language Center will give you the tools to better enjoy a different culture, travel with ease and express yourself through knowledge and opinion - which is exactly how to make your next vacation the best vacation ever!