The Coolest Art Classes in Brisbane This Season

Remember that warm and fuzzy feeling you used to get as a kid in art class?

Creativity 7 min read Oct 04, 2019
The Coolest Art Classes in Brisbane This Season

If you’re keen to reignite that creative spark in a big way or maybe just dabble in that feeling over the weekend, we’ve got plenty of artisan and creative classes in Brisbane that could be perfect for you.

1. Easy Painting Classes

For some of us, easy and painting are two words that just don’t go together. However, with the help of a professional in one of these classes, anyone can create a beautiful masterpiece. Be guided by an artist in a relaxed environment and paint Umbrella Girl, the cutest, most colourful parrot, or Swan Lake.

2. Social Painting Classes

Pablo Picasso said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Well, that’s the point of these classes. Learn how to create art from a professional - paint an elephant while you socialise, create your very own starry night while you enjoy a glass of wine, or listen to some fun music while you bring a Paris romance to life.

3. Macrame Classes

If you have a blank wall in your home, this is the coolest way to spice it up! Emilia Lorena is hosting TWO macrame classes this season, and you definitely need to get to one of them!

And Even More Creative Classes!

None of the classes above fit your fancy? That’s okay because we’re not quite done yet.

With printmaker Kay Watanabe, take Fabric Design-Repeat Pattern Stamps class and learn to carve rubber stamps and use your stamp to design your own fabric. Are you more into screen printing? This Introduction to Screenprinting Workshop introduces anyone (even the newbies) to the basics of DIY screenprinting using photographic emulsion stencils.

Learn how to weave a basket with Judith Wolski from Wild Baskets, using natural materials, sourced from the garden and the bush, or learn all about the Japanese Wrapping Craft with Mabina Alaka of Mabina Design.

And last (but definitely not least, because this class is filling up fast), SURFACE 1°22 designer Emily Wills introduces participants to the digital textile and surface pattern design process fusing traditional art-making methods with low-tech digitisation.

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