Getting Started with Silver Clay

Jewellery handcrafting just got a little more exciting

Creativity 2 min read Sep 25, 2019
Getting Started with Silver Clay

Let’s talk about all things sparkly because a little more jewellery never hurt anyone. Want to add a little more flair to your current collection? Get excited because there’s something new in the realm of jewellery making: silver clay.

Silver clay may look and feel a lot like ordinary sculpting clay, except that it consists of extremely fine particles of pure silver - almost like dust. It’s mixed up with a non-toxic binder, which burns out during firing, leaving you with a beautiful, pure metal piece. What makes this medium even more special is that, because it’s malleable, intricate details can be carved into it.

Can you just imagine how many varied, one-of-a-kind looks you can achieve with this versatile material? Here are a just a few we found on the Internet:

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Penny Metter, founder of Art 4 All and your teacher for this class, has been working with clay since she about ten years old. A daughter of an artist, she would accompany her mother to lessons and when Penny got older, there was a studio waiting for her to take over. And the rest, as they, is history.

Penny now teaches her jewellery making workshops from a delightful studio and keeps the groups small so she can give each student individual attention. Join her at Art 4 All and create silver clay jewellery, if you’re looking for a new and exciting experience!

Make personalised jewellery in silver clay!
Silver Clay

Silver Clay

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