ICYMI: There's a New Trend That's Taking The World by Storm

We're talking about the final frontier to be embraced by the body positive movement.

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019
ICYMI: There's a New Trend That's Taking The World by Storm

2016 kicked off as an exciting year for the #bodypositivity campaign, and the movement has continued to thrive since. More recently, another new self-love trend has been stirring on social media: #FREETHEPIMPLE.

Just as the continuing body positivity revolution has made it so that all different body shapes are better represented and celebrated — the latest frontier for acceptance is what was once considered a social taboo, but an affliction nearly every one has dealt with: skin acne.

It all started with Louisa Northcote, a finalist of Britain’s Next Top Model, who decided to embrace the skin she is in. Northcote knows first hand the distress of having imperfect skin and the shame that is attached to it. The top model wanted to encourage others to be the same, and in doing so, she created an online community for anyone enduring the physical and emotional challenges of having acne-related skin conditions.

If you told 13 year old me, who used to collect iD magazine and go to wardour news when she came to London from Dubai and buy the mag, that she would sit down with @i_d and speak about her struggle with acne she would never believe you. This is a HUGE pinch me moment! I had the pleasure to work with someone amazing people from @i_d and talk about my struggle with acne. In addition to work with @sophieharristaylor again who is an amazing photographer bringing acne awareness also with her series Epidermis! In addition to all the other beautiful girls in this film. This subject is SOOO important because acne is still weirdly hidden and it affects mental health in a big way! This week is #beautyweek and also #acneawarenessmonth (LINK IN MY BIO TO THE WHOLE FILM) - Thank you @tishweinstock @kezcoo @declan.higgins @katevillevoye and everyone else involved 🙏🏻 u let me use my voice and let it be heard! 💖

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This emerging beauty trend is empowering women the world over to have an optimistic outlook over their natural appearance. While it does not mean to demean anyone who choose to wear makeup or actively treat their acne to clear it up — what is most promising about this rising #skinpositivity movement is the message that tells everyone to not feel inferior to what our body is capable of. Acne doesn’t define you, so don’t let it rob you of a chance to truly embrace yourself.

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