Watercolour + Cake = Trendiest Collaboration

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Creativity 3 min read Nov 10, 2019
Watercolour + Cake = Trendiest Collaboration

Watercolour cakes are having a moment right now, and it’s no wonder why! They’re delicious, beautiful, and super trendy. They’re the next big thing on Instagram, on Pinterest, and in every cake lovers heart!

We’re such big fans that we’re excited to tell you about this workshop. This trendy cake class, taught by Jo of Wendy Jo Baking Adventures is not only going to teach you the new trendy buttercream cake techniques, but you’re also going to learn the futuristic trend of chocolate sails - beautiful chocolate pieces to place on top of your cake. You’ll impress all of your friends at future get-togethers, and your Instagram and Pinterest will be hopping with this new trend (you can thank us later)!

These cakes look as good as they taste, but you won’t believe they’re edible once you see them.