You're Invited to a Peculiar Night of Queer Spectacle

Join in the circus fun celebrating sexuality, gender and performance

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019

With Season 2 already streaming on Netflix, Queer Eye has undoubtedly become a sanctuary of happiness for many, amidst the scary world that is out there. Having binge-watched the entirety of the series as well, it’s taught us a great many things about how to see beyond the superficial, and to accept— and not just tolerate people, no matter who they are, where they come from, or how they identify.

Here in Brisbane, another sanctuary is found in the form of Vulcana Women’s Circus. Vulcana Women’s Circus offers a safe, playful space that encourages participants to be truly themselves and to push the boundaries of what they can achieve. A quick look into their profile page will tell you that they welcome every one of sorts, but also focus on working with the women, trans and non-binary people.

Exciting times lie ahead as Vulcana Women’s Circus brings together a circus show, “Peculiar Rabble Cabaret”, featuring the queer, the queer-friendly, trans artists, emerging circus artists, new and seasoned performers in a strangely wonderful, peculiarly beautiful, rebellious drag comedy. It’s a night of queer spectacle and an even more spectacular circus, celebrating sexuality, gender and performance. There’ll be food, a bar and dancing. It’ll be a perfect night to end the week and you’re invited to come and support the artists of Vulcana!

Join in the circus fun celebrating sexuality, gender and performance

Peculiar Rabble Cabaret

a dizzying cabaret of queer artists and friends