I Found The Sweetest Place on Earth

So many Reese-ons to visit winter's most Instagrammable event. Read on for a chance to get FREE tickets in Melbourne!

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019

Take the 86 tram down Smith Street and you’ll find Sugar Republic - the sweetest, most colourful pop-up museum in Melbourne, maybe even the world! Just a few weeks ago, Dezaray Barr, WeTeachMe’s favourite intern, invaded this candyland and tried out all 14 rooms.

Her verdict: This shop will satisfy the sweet tooth of every lolly lover on earth.


Dez and her mates began their experience of sweet bliss by spinning the Wheel O’ Treats for a card. (Hint: It doesn’t matter which one you get; they’re all pretty incredible.) Next up: a giant gumball machine you can jump in like a trampoline! A quick break and then they’re off to eat an ice cream cone, ride on a little wooden swing surrounded by lollies, and shoot confetti out of a canon while standing on top of a giant birthday cake.

This is not some strange trip. It all happened and we’ve got the pictures to prove it! Or else, it never happened, right?

The fun didn’t end there! There’s an inflatable doughnut, a theatre playing classic flicks (because you haven’t lived if you’ve never seen “Forrest Gump” while on a sugar high!), and more cake, ice cream, cookies, and lollies galore!


And of course, what’s a trip to Australia’s take on Willy Wonka’s factory without a bubblegum-coloured, grownups-only ball pit you can jump in, fall in, swim in, and play in for as long as your sweet heart desires? That’s the dream, right???

Sugar Republic runs only until 17th August at MacRobertson Chocolate Factory. AND if you are located in or near Melbourne, you can add your name to our latest giveaway and WIN TWO (2) TICKETS to the sweetest place on earth.