What's Your Spirit Animal?

And what do you do after you find it?

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019
What's Your Spirit Animal?

In many ancient cultures (both real and fantasized), spirit animals have been believed to be a form of spiritual guide, kind of like a guardian angel. Spiritual guides present themselves to us however we are willing to see them, and it is quite natural for many people to connect with their guides through the form of an animal. Until recently, having a spirit animal has often been dismissed as new-age nonsense; but they’ve been catching on in popular culture again.

What’s my spirit animal?

The thing about it is: you can’t choose your spirit animal, because it chooses you. Think about your past experiences. If you’ve always found yourself drawn to a certain type of animal and wondered why — it’s possible because it’s your spirit animal! Perhaps it may have been your favourite animal or pet growing up. Maybe it’s an animal you’ve always had dreams of, or has often made a physical appearance in your life until you’ve taken notice.

Okay, so now what?

Once you’ve nailed down the spirit animal in your life, think about what you can learn from it. These spirit animals are thought to carry meaning, wisdom, and power that you need more of in your life. The benefit of connecting with a spirit animal is applying its key nature in your everyday life. For example, if your spirit animal is a cat, try to channel a cat’s tenacious hunter’s energy and independence—not its tendency to sleep on keyboards!

Take it a step further.

If you need a bit more of guidance to help you pinpoint your spirit animal (and what it says about you), artist and spiritual intuitive Cheryle Bannon has come up with a unique new way of drawing it out of you. She teaches an art class about finding your true spirit animal through a guided process and playful mixed media art techniques. Using art as an entry space, you will connect with your animal guide and come away with a beautiful work of art as a permanent reminder of the messages your spiritual animal holds for you.