Making from Multiples in a Brand New Space

Melbourne's craft haven is moving forward in a new space

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019
Making from Multiples in a Brand New Space

With a passion as big as what PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT has, it’s no surprise that change and growth are necessary at certain times. This means that as their company grows, change is upon them (and we’re excited about it).

PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT has moved their new studio to 1/10 Langwells Parade in Northcote. Whenever you make a big change to your business, like moving, it can be scary, but PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT will continue to provide a homely, green, welcoming space for everyone to learn, feel inspired, and find community in, even in the midst of slowing down just a little bit.

At PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT, workshops are about more than just learning new skills. It’s about spending time in a space that feels like home, and this new space allows them to do just that. Whether you’re creating ceramics, making terrariums, weaving baskets, or wedding planning, this new space is ready for you.

An upcoming workshop, “Making from Multiples”, is a 2-day class that touches on the art of ceramic hand-building, where participants can create a vessel from multiple elements, and by hand. And what would a PYHII class be without a delicious, seasonal grazing table of foods to nibble on over the course of the evening?