Throwing Clay at the Potter’s Wheel

Calming art form or intense sport?

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019
Throwing Clay at the Potter’s Wheel

Imagine this: You’re alone in a big room. In front of you are a wheel and a pedal. You place a slab of clay on the wheel and spin it slowly. Now, you wet your hands, grab on to the clay, and spin the wheel fast by tapping on the pedal.

As the wheel spins faster, you tuck your elbows against your body and push the clay forward, away from you but maintaining its balance on the wheel. Suddenly, the clay feels calm. You push it down, levelling the top of the clay with your thumbs. Spinning the wheel faster than ever, you push your masterpiece down, moulding it into a smaller shape.

Slowing the wheel, you do the inevitable… you push your fingers straight through the centre.

No, we’re not describing an Olympic activity - this is pottery wheel throwing! Surprise! You’ve made a bowl!

The pottery process is a beautiful thing (and can even sound a bit like an intense sport). And the thing is, it’s for you too! Indulge in a little creativity this week and try a session at the potter’s wheel.