Free Kids Baking Classes to End Your School Holiday

This is one mess you won’t have to clean up

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019

School holidays are almost over. You’re not sure if you should shout for joy because your beloved hooligans are headed back to the classroom or if you should cry because with each passing holiday it means the kids are getting older.

Whether you’re tearing up or shouting for joy (or both!), we can bet that as the school holidays come to an end, your kids may be getting a bit bored and antsy. You’re in luck— we have the perfect cure!

Pile the kids into the car, and take them to a Saturday baking class (this is one mess you won’t have to clean up)! As your kiddos make fresh baked bread items with Australia’s leading artisan bakery, Brasserie Bakery, they’re bound to forget what the word ‘bored’ even means. It only gets better - you’ll get to sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy a pastry in their cafe.

Still not convinced? Challenge accepted! Parents take advice from other parents (it’s like unstated parent code or something). 110 parents have reviewed this class. All 110 gave it 5 stars mic drop 🎤 .

Let’s get your kids off of the couch and bake some yummy goodies!
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Free Kids Classes (Sydney)

Kids make their own baked goodies!