Make Better Letters with Mike Meyer

Witness the return of the hand-painted sign, right here

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019
Make Better Letters with Mike Meyer

Before graphic design and digital printing became commonplace, the only way to put up your business name and your ads was with a hand painted sign. Sadly, as technological advances teetered their way in around the 1980s, we witnessed the demise of the hand-painted sign industry.

However more recently, the folksy art of handpainting is seeing a resurgence, usually on the fronts and walls of restaurants, cafés, and other brick-and-mortar stores. A handful of businesses and local artists are spearheading a hand-letting revival, to pay respect to tradition, and to convey that what they offer is not mass-produced. The rising interest in handmade and local products is also adding to its rise in popularity. People are starting to see the real value in the unique beauty, personality, and longevity of a handmade sign.

As it happens, some of these artists, armed with a new level of determination, are re-invigorating the tradition of sign painting through workshops. Mike Meyer, one of the world’s most prolific veteran sign painters, teaches traditional handpainting in a variety of styles through a hands-on process. Meyer’s students come from a variety of backgrounds: some complete beginners and others coming in wanting to improve their existing skills.

Meyer himself has been in the business of hand-painting signs for over forty years, therefore understands the patience and perseverance needed to master this art. His interest in hand lettering began when he was a child, and he has since been completely self taught. Meyer even painted signs during his three-year stint with the US Army. Today, he is an ambassador for the sign painting business through his active participation in the Letterheads movement and, in 2012, his talent and dedication was recognised through an appearance in the internationally-acclaimed film, Sign Painters.

If you’re interested in kicking it old school and taking part of Mike Meyer’s creative lettering workshops, click the link below to book a seat or learn more.