Top 10 Redfern Guide to Short Classes and Workshops

Check out our guide to classes, courses and workshops for anyone in Redfern, covering art, dance, food, digital media and more.

Creativity 7 min read Sep 28, 2019
Top 10 Redfern Guide to Short Classes and Workshops

Redfern, in a nutshell, is a beautiful blend of the old and new. Having the largest Aboriginal community, this historic inner-city suburb is also quickly growing to become one of the trendiest hubs in Sydney - what with ubercool bars, cafes, restaurants and establishments setting up shop in every spot. But whether traditional or modern, classic or unusual - whichever cup of tea you prefer, we promise there’s something in Redfern that’s exactly up your alley.

Drunk Painting at Work-Shop

This isn’t meant to be taken literally, although there will be drinks available at a moment’s notice should you want. This is one out of many popular art classes by Work-Shop where you will be encouraged to let go of your inhibitions and just make art! Instructor Kim Leutwyler will instruct you on techniques and brush work using acrylic as your paint medium, as well as on colour mixing and abstract painting.

Where: Work-Shop Sydney
When: March 24th, April 21st
Cost: $65 (Regular)

Extraction 101 by Gypsy Barista School

If you’re looking for meaty content on how to work with coffee machines and execute the perfect cup of coffee, you’ll want to enrol in this barista course. You will get a dose of coffee theory and hands-on training on the fundamentals, how to tamp coffee and prettify your latte with hearts and rosettas.

Where: Gypsy Espresso
When: For Private Booking
Cost: $165 (Regular)

Learn Gilding Workshop by The Art Gilding Academy

Don’t pass on this golden opportunity to experience a day in the life of Midas and learn how to turn anything (we mean anything) into gold! In this two-hour workshop, master gilder Karl Eggert will introduce you to the art of gilding, and teach you how to leaf an abalone shell with a natural Mother of Pearl. Enjoy wine and 24 karat gold Tim Tams and take home your beautiful artwork after.

Where: Art Gilding Academy Studio
When: March 27th, April 10th
Cost: $39 (Regular)

Traditional Tahitian Dance with Poemoana at Dance Central Sydney

Crazy fast hip shaking to percussion music is what makes a Tahitian dance routine. Learn the traditional moves and beautifully pulsating choreography to Tahitian dancing from award-winning professional dancer Poemana. Everyone is welcome in this class, no experience in Tahitian dance is necessary.

Where: Dance Central
When: April 1st and 2nd
Cost: $99 (Regular)

Intro to Blacksmithing by Eveleigh Works

If you thought blacksmithing was a craft of the past, think again. While there aren’t very many blacksmiths existing nowadays, it is inaccurate to think that blacksmithing is no longer a flourishing profession and industry. This art form has come a long way since the 15th century and if you’ve been curious, Eveleigh Works will introduce you to basic blacksmithing, its design principles and how modern tools are used in the blacksmithing trade.

Where: Eveleigh Works
When: April 8th & 29th
Cost: $460 (2 days for 12 hours total)

Hair Braiding 101 at Braidiance

Feel like changing up your ponytail routine? Learn to jazz up your locks in this Braiding 101 class and make head-turning hairstyles you could use for day or night. From French to Dutch, fishtail to waterfall, learn to complete all kinds of braids in minutes that you could use for any occasion.

Where: Sustainable Salon
When: April 15th
Cost: $43 (Regular)

The Portrait Exposed by The Aperture Club

In portraits, the face of the subject is what could make or break the photograph. This practical and exciting workshop will teach you how to use the beautiful characteristics of natural light to produce stunning and emotive portraits. You will not only learn the fundamentals to portraiture photography, you will also capture images as you explore around Chippendale and Central Park.

Where: Joining Point - Black Door Photography Studio
When: Apri 1st, May 6th
Cost: $225 (Regular), $75 (Camera Kit)

Extreme Crochet Workshop at Sew Make Create

This class is definitely taking crocheting to the next, next, next, next level. If you’ve seen one of these on the internet and thought to yourself, “I must have one,” well now you can. Learn to chunk knit with giant yarn and make the cosiest blanket in the world using only basic crochet techniques! Come home with your beautiful, handmade blanket and never feel cold again (literally).

Where: Sew Make Create
When: April 8th, May 6th
Cost: $250 (Regular)

Adobe Lightroom Series by Sydney Photographic Workshops

Combine photo manipulation skills with your creativity and you may just produce photographs that will blow your mind. Learn everything there is to know about Adobe Lightroom in this 4-week series by Sydney Photographic Workshops. Explore the practical and creative functionality of this powerful editing program to bring out the best in your images.

Where: Sydney Photographic Workshops
When: May 1st
Cost: $395 (Regular), $385 (Bring-a-Friend)

Pieces Of Matter - In The Studio With Vexta at Work-Shop

Vexta is a leading female artist in Australia known for creating bold and extravagant artworks that have become an icon in the global street art scene. In this workshop, you will learn about her creative process, practical skills in painting and stencil art using mixed media, as well as the importance of developing a personal symbology - which is a key element to Vexta’s trade. All enrolees will receive an art print, signed by Vexta herself.

Where: Work-Shop Sydney
When: April 1st
Cost: $175 (Regular)

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