Annie Sloan: The Woman Behind the Brand

Hers is the house where Chalk Paint was born

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019
Annie Sloan: The Woman Behind the Brand

Chalk Paint is every avid DIYer’s best friend. It works with any material or surface, dries fast, finishes beautifully, and can be used for indoor and outdoor painting. Best of all, it requires no priming or preparation - a maker’s dream!

This fantastic time-saver was invented and trademarked in 1990 by Australian artist Annie Sloan and, in the process, changed the landscape of the building and furniture trade, as well. Interestingly, Annie came up with the idea of Chalk Paint out of sheer artistic frustration: The range of commercial shades was simply too limited for what she needed for her colour palette!

Refurbishing your home from top to bottom? Chalk Paint can be used on anything - from ceilings to floors, furniture, and walls. Here is Annie herself demonstrating how to paint a side table, in a lovely shade she created especially to raise funds for NGO network Oxfam!

Nearly three decades since it was first created, Annie’s paint brand is now distributed in 55 countries worldwide. Annie, now based in Oxford, is also a celebrated author, having written the painters’ bible, among other publications.

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