Delizioso: Ciao, Rustic Italian!

There's nothing quite like a comforting Italian meal, is there?

Creativity 3 min read Aug 16, 2018

The Italian cuisine needs no PR. It’s famous all over the world, and for many good reasons. We love their soups, we love their pizzas, and best of all, we love their pastas. TBH, there’s really nothing on the Italian menu that we could do without.

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Feeling a sudden hankering for Italian food? Instead of rushing to the nearest deli to get your fix, consider venturing into a cooking project learning to make the most iconic Italian dishes. Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventures’ latest cooking masterclass is all about rustic Italian pasta making — because really, nothing beats a pasta dish made out of fresh pasta! Learn more about the menu on the day via the link below.

Learn simple, rustic Italian cooking!
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Rustic Italian Cooking Class - Pasta Making Skills

Create perfect Pasta every time!