Learn to Recycle Your Old Paper

Get rid of old paper and transform it into something new

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019
Learn to Recycle Your Old Paper

Many of us throw away paper and other used items without too much thought — but did you know, that you could use most of these to recycle and create beautiful, handmade paper?

Paper recycling might seem like the sort of thing best left to the paper millers, but it turns out it’s something that’s been done for thousands of years. And you can do it too in the comfort of your own home without too much cost or effort. You’ll be able to get rid of junk mail, used printer paper and other household waste, and at the same time create something unique and handmade.

If you’d like to learn how paper gets recycled, join a Work-Shop class that teaches on the ancient art of paper making. Find out out more about the class or book today via the link below.