Make Holiday Crafts? How to Sell On Etsy

Learn the ins and outs from someone who’s been there and done that

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019
Make Holiday Crafts? How to Sell On Etsy

If you’re a crafter looking to open your first online shop in time for the Christmas rush, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a marketplace more lucrative than Etsy. Or more welcoming to women: Most of its 36 million customers, two million sellers, and now even its own management team are female.

Bespoke earrings? Artisan jam? Custom party swag? You’ll find a home in Etsy for all your holiday wares. Get started in just a few steps:

  1. What are you selling? Etsy will list many different types of product, as long as you follow their house rules.
  2. Name your shop. Think of a brand that’s catchy but also open enough to allow for future changes in your product line.
  3. Create your Etsy account. Well, you know the drill.
  4. Start listing your products. Tip: Provide detailed descriptions and use high-quality photos (maybe with a holiday theme!).
  5. Add your prices. This can be tricky for a noob but research always helps. How much do similar products go for? Are your rates competitive, especially with the competition for yearend sales?
  6. Start marketing your shop! Get the word out, tell your friends, advertise on social media. Also, Etsy offers free tools so you can reach more prospects and promote your listings in search.

Need a little hand? With almost 100 five-star ratings on Etsy, Jo Ellis is the best person to teach you on how to succeed as a seller.

Jo is quite a creative force to be reckoned with. She runs Desert Rituals and Girl Gang Rules on Etsy. She is an organiser of The Rizzeria, a collective of Sydney’s top makers. And of course, she runs craft workshops on WeTeachMe for kids and grown-ups alike.

Book Jo’s class now and bring all your questions!

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