When Making is Caring

Here’s one more good reason to go crafting, not that you need it

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019

Because you will craft at the drop of a hat, we promise you’ll fall in love with this class. Plus you’ll help save the planet and give comfort to the homeless, while you’re at it.

Carers of Africa is a fantastic not-for-profit organisation in Dandenong that works to provide access to health services for disadvantaged communities, both here and overseas.

They are the group behind the Sleep Well Project, wherein they collect plastic bags from defunct businesses, cut them into strips to make plastic yarn - that’s “plarn” in eco speak - and string them together into reusable and sturdy but lightweight sleeping mats and pillows. They then give these out to shelters that cater to homeless persons.

Amazing, right? If you’ve always wanted to learn how to work a wooden loom, you should join your fellow caring crafters this November at Space2b Social Design in St. Kilda. You’ll pick up some basic weaving techniques, satisfy your creative cravings, and all for a great cause.

Even if you’re new to the craft, you’ll find weaving to be a lot easier than you think. Heck, even children can do it! In fact, if you’re a parent, you are welcome to bring along your kids (ages 12 and above). This is a great way to bond with the young ‘uns and a fantastic teachable moment, too.

Craft and give the gift of comfort.
Learn to Weave-Make a Bed for the Homeless!
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Learn to Weave-Make a Bed for the Homeless!

Repurpose Plastics for a Cause