How to Meet New People in Melbourne

A little shy around strangers? Get to know folks that actually get you

Creativity 5 min read Sep 25, 2019
How to Meet New People in Melbourne

Making new friends isn’t always easy for most people. Sure, you’ve got your frolleagues (or what we used to call “work friends”), your old mates from uni, your pal from the gym, and those special connections you make on social media (seriously, who’s got 34,032 friends in real life?), but we’re talking actual kindred spirits here.

Ask Google, as a selectively social extroverted introvert (or is it introverted extrovert?) is wont to do, for tips on “how to make friends that last” and it will cough up 2.03 billion results in 0.61 seconds. Thanks, Internet! And according to the first two million self-help articles, the best way to form friendships, then and now, is through common interests.

If you’re a young professional who’s looking to meet new people, we may have just the thing for you. This October at Prudence Bar on Victoria Street, Classe Petit is throwing an evening social where you’re guaranteed to meet at least five new people in 1.5 hours. Perfect for the time-poor wannabe-soulmates, eh?

Think of it as speed dating with a creative twist. Chat for ten minutes, create a sketch of the other person, and… switch! It’s that easy. And here’s the fun part: You don’t even need to know how to draw!

After the event, you can hang out with your new friends and get to know each other better over some draft beer or cocktails. To help you get out of your shell, below are some tips from behavioral investigator and best-selling author Vanessa Van Edwards.

And now, our work here is done.

This is speed dating for creatives. Bring your best self!
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