The 6th Spice Girl

This dance class is what you want, what you really, really want

Creativity 2 min read Sep 25, 2019
The 6th Spice Girl

She’s a teacher, producer, and also self-styled ‘burlesque garbage glamour fembot, techno tease, and singing showgurl’. Move over, Baby, Scary, Posh, Sporty, and Ginger. Here comes Scarlett Spice!

Pink-haired Lou P Scarlett is an all-around entertainer from Sydney, who’s known for her performances with her electro-pop band Cohlaj and in musicals like Three in the Bed. This November, Lou will make Work-Shop Sydney sizzle with her take on Britain’s most popular girl band, with a bold twist!

So don’t go wasting your precious time, get your act together. Call your sassy friends and put on your favourite Spice Girl, before this wildly popular class sells out! It’s a fantastic way to let loose, get fit, and go back in time all in one go. And shimmy the night away, of course. Like a proper ’90s anthem shimmyyyyy.

Head over here for a quick teaser vid (see what we did there?). For now, we’ll just leave this here. You’re welcome.

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