Christmas Cards Just Got Cool Again

Hallmark’s got nothing on this badass graphic artist

Creativity 5 min read Aug 12, 2020
Christmas Cards Just Got Cool Again

Ginger Taylor has designed for brands like Google, YouTube, Westfield, Harley Davidson, and more. You can see her murals and hand-painted signs all across Australia. And oh yeah, she also did this for Lily Allen.

With a portfolio like that, one might think it a tad unusual for a self-professed beer lover and true crime aficionado to come out with a line of greeting cards. (Thank you BTW to Young Henrys for turning us on to My Favorite Murder! 😍) But nothing could be more on-brand, if like Ginger your style is “traditional… with a hint of bad-assery and glitter”.

And because the best presents are handmade, why not add kooky Chrissy cards to your gift list this year? Join Ginger in a two-hour workshop and learn how to plan and illustrate your own design. You’ll come away with 20 beautifully printed pieces, featuring your very own holiday artwork!

(Photo/video credit: @gingerandtonic @gingertaylorartist on Instagram)